Jun 15, 2024

Bana Ba Thari Independent Social Movement on The Rise

Bana Ba Thari

Politics are growing rapidly, community members from various villages are taking back their power and fighting to be the change they want to see happening in their communities.

In Mogwase, a village in the Northwest, Bana Ba Thari Independent Social Movement led by founder Mildred Motsoasele, a young woman who wants to bring forth improvement to their villages, to see more happening and more changing for the better. Bana Ba Thari wants to create employment around all the wards of Moses Kotane Municipality Bojanala District, to build a strong relationship with the kings around the villages.

Bana Ba Thari Independent Social Movement is registered with the IEC after Motsoasele saw the need to form an independent organisation that will involve active community members that want to better the villages under the Moses Kotane Municipality. At only four months old, the party has managed to broaden over 40% wards of Moses Kotane Municipality. The drive for the organisation is upon realising the current party has not brought change.

In the meantime, Motsoasele and fellow comrades are said to be working tirelessly to rebuild their community. In Pella, one of the candidates is donating bicycles to children in schools, since their high schools are distant away from home. Bana Ba Thari is also running a rehabilitation programme in Mogwase, offering counselling for drug addicts, mainly Nyaope. The movement has also in ward 25, been active in assisting through the Covid-19 Pandemic with providing food parcels to the community.

Motsoasele believes to be the right person and organisation to govern the wards they are contesting for. She maintains patience and determination that showed after many things went down for her, losing her job and not completing her studies, she went to volunteer for over 5 years at the St Catherina hospice. She works with traditional leadership and is also working with the well-known Mmusi Maimane, the leader of One SA, in order to get the job done using the right protocol.

With dirty water coming out from their running water taps, the Bana Ba Thari Independent Social Movement wants to fix the matter to offer clean running water for everyone. Although she did not find the courage to mention out their plan once winning the elections, Motsoasele has mentioned the determination to do better than the current governing party, is at work and ready. She plans to overcome the challenges she and the party is facing, for the better of the movement which promises to improve the current state Mogwase finds itself in.