Jun 15, 2024

Azealia Banks at it again | “Doja makes music for ten-year-olds and is very derivative”

Azealia Banks

This is not the first time the Harlem rapper comes after Doja or anyone at that, she is known for stirring up controversy, scathing attacks and going after celebrities unprovoked, like it or not Azealia Banks will always make her voice heard period.

One thing for sure, Azealia Banks is definitely peeved by Doja Cat, observing the situation between the two, Azealia clearly doesn’t like Doja at all and this seems to be escalating and I’ll tell you why

Remember a few months ago when Doja was snubbed at the Grammys awards ceremony? Azealia made sure Doja felt it and even went as far as throwing shade and bashing Doja, not forgetting calling out the rapper on social media and body-shaming her, calling her fat and bullying her on Instagram.

Now just a few days ago, Azealia Banks is back at it and this time she mentioned more about Doja’s skills, recently, a Twitter user called out Banks for ‘fat-shaming’ Doja Cat before dishing out compliments to the Popstar. Just for her to finally admit now that Doja is also a bonafide star…”

And just like always Azealia didn’t back out on this one she gave a piece of her mind on Doja and also stating how Doja didn’t add anything to the music world, she then sealed the statement by letting everyone know that she is the brighter star, although it is still unclear why Azealia did that in the first place, whatever is going on between these two is big.

“Actually, ‘I’m the bonafide star’ wrote Banks, “Doja makes music for ten-year-old’s and is very derivative. Cute girl, but her attempts at witty east coast Roman Reloaded Flows are pitiful and not in the least amusing. And yes, she looked terrible before she lost weight. But Azealia & Doja are miles more culturally important than any of these weak ass white socialites”. She said.


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