Jul 20, 2024


Phumza Ntlola ,19 is the founder of an A.N Foundation. She is born and bred in Matatiele in a small village called Phalane

Phumza Ntlola ,19 is the founder of an A.N Foundation. She is born and bred in Matatiele in a small village called Phalane and she is currently a student at Fort Hare University.

She grew up staying with her paternal grandmother who was a sewer, lost her father at the age of 10, and sexually harassed when doing grade 10. Ntlola started A.N FOUNDATION in January 2021 with the aim of developing and helping disadvantaged kids and learners from rural areas. She has been helping children since 2020 and that’s when she realised that opening a foundation might be a great idea.

​“In rural areas there are more kids that are suffering because they have unemployed parents, their parents cannot afford clothes, stationery and food”, she said. A.N Foundation’s vision is to see South African children where they want to go, reaching their destination at a right time and where they see themselves successful and independent.

“I believe kids in our societies needs to be free and not be afraid of who they are, where they grew and lastly, I believe it is very important to be an eye of the community.”

​A.N Foundation’s vision is also to see youngsters chasing their dreams like nobody’s business and also to stop reasoning about disadvantaged backgrounds and how they are afraid to associate with people.

​“If there is no obstacle that is holding them back, they can set their mind into a right thing and achieve high” Ntlola added. A.N Foundations goal is to buy clothes for kids who can’t afford them, also to help grade 12 learners to apply at different universities and carry on with their studies.

​To buy sanitary towels and pads for school kids, buy food for street kids and uniform, stationery for kids who can’t afford them. A.N Foundation’s mission is to make possible the impossible, to see children who passed matric getting to tertiary institutions and to minimise the number of street kids by building sites where they can live and be able to further their studies.

​“Because I was born and made to be strong, I still stand and you will never win a war without having an armour on, shield and spear. Be the shield that those kids need, help to change the world”, Ntlola concluded.

For donations Ntlola can be reached on WhatsApp and calls 0673708072. Facebook-Phumza Ntlola