May 24, 2024

ASEZ WAO Takes a Cleaning Visit to Silver Lakes | Pretoria.


On Sunday 14 November 2021, ASEZ WAO, an international young adult volunteer worker group, visited Graham Road, Silver Lakes in Pretoria on a quest to clean up the area. Over 100 plastic bags containing trash were collected within 3 hours.

Members of the organisation scattered within the Hazeldean ward 101 area in their green attire collecting illegal waste, showing love to the community of Hazeldean. This project is inspired by Zahng Gil- Jah, who lived her entire livelihood as a mother of life, embracing humankind as one global village family carrying out humanitarian all around.

ASEZ is also in partnership with the city of Tshwane to identify areas that requires a cleaning. Ward councillor Malcolm de Klerk said it was rather amazing to see volunteers cleaning their area. “Illegal waste is created by everyone, and the municipality cannot do everything, sometimes we have shortage of equipment’s.”  said councillor de Klerk. He also said it is best to hold hands together as a community and encourage active citizens to get involved in such activities that are beneficial to the communities’ environmental state.

Lehlohonolo Makhokolo a member of ASEZ said by cleaning the place, it was also to entail in taking part to raising awareness so that the communities can be able to understand the importance of their environment and why maintaining it is beneficial to them as the society living in it. Y

oung adult of ASEZ WAO workers, practice love and volunteer service in their workplaces and communities and furthermore actively participate in pertinent global issues with a sense of ownership.

They are hoping their initiative will one day grow and expand out to other communities indicating the significance of keeping our surrounding areas purified from illegal dumping, taking to consideration the positive outcome it will instil for the future generation, also increasing the chances of bringing in change such as ways of going green, contributing to change needed for climate change.