May 27, 2024


ASAP Rocky

A 33 year old American rapper Asap Rocky whose real name is Rakim Mayers known for having a romantic relationship with Rihanna with a massive number of followers was reported to be arrested in connection with the shooting occurred last year, his lawyer confirmed his arrest.

Its been drama after drama following the rappers arrest right after he was allegedly accused of cheating on his Forbes billionaire pregnant girlfriend with her shoe designer. As people considered them as power couple of all decades and how perfect they were for each other , these rumours got people hating the rapper for bringing such trauma  onto their favourite singer and producer but they both seemed to be happy and even went on vacations despite all the shame  that was thrown upon him. They seemed even more happier than before.

The los Angeles police forum had been investigating him regarding his potential involvement in a shooting happened in Hollywood in 2021. ASAP Rocky was taken from Los Angeles  international airport  right next to Rihanna into custody , his arrest drew the world’s attention  and was shortly  he was released on bail of 550 000 dollars. The star seems to have be caught up with his past of his illegal activities considering a suspended sentence in 2019 for brutally assaulting a man and claimed it as an act if self defence and found guilty.

He was reported to have been seen with his girlfriend dining after his release from the custody whilst awaiting his trial in August .He confirmed his relationship with Rihanna last year and later announced that they expecting their first baby later this year . The accused star was one of the biggest uprising rappers twelve years ago , with his fame rose by one of the richest rappers in the US , Drake and have worked with numerous number artists successfully. His music career has been quite flawless  now everyone is awaiting for his trial happening in 4 months from now.