Apr 18, 2024

Are South Africans Xenophobic or Fighting for What They Believe is Theirs.

South Africans say all they want is their government to prioritize them over foreigners and be given opportunities. Other countries seem to prioritize their citizens before anyone else and that’s all-South African’s cry for.


South Africa is understood to hold millions of foreigners both legal and illegal. They have their own difficulties; half of the youth is unemployed.

South Africans have been let down by their government, of course foreigners will have always go where they believe there are more opportunities. All they want is to be allowed to thrive in their own country. “We are on survival mode right now with this population we have. “

South African government needs to stand up for their country and deport foreigners that are illegal, those who do not have a permit to be here.

Anonymous “I think South Africans like other countries are fighting for what belongs to them.”

Anonymous “I don’t have a problem with foreigners, the problem starts when they come here illegally and not follow South Africans rules. Also taking cheap labor and closing any chance or opportunity for South Africans because they don’t mind being exploited.”


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