Apr 18, 2024

Apparently that’s the EFF slaughtering the ANC in 2024 Elections


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) slaughetered a number of cows in Winnie Mandela, Thembisa ahead of the Siyabonga rally set to be hosted on Saturday.

Members of the EFF gathered at Sekhukhune sports ground to slaughter cows and prepare for the ceremony that is set to take place tomorrow at Winnie Mandela squatter camp, the EFF slaughtered four cows in order to celebrate their elections growth in Gauteng.

EFF ground forces were noticed slaughtering cows and joyfully preparing to eat “Sebete”, the Economic Freedom Fighters invited the media to notice the preparations of the huge celebration.

Members of the Economic Freedom Fighters jokingly stated when slaughtering the cows that its their party slaughtering the African National Congress in 2024 national elections and booting them out of government. Laughter and happiness that was the mood of the day, ahead of their leaders address on Saturday.

EFF electoral votes increased nation wide though the party didn’t manage to secure any municipality under their belt, they are set to be decision makers in a number of hung municipalities in several provinces.

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