Jun 22, 2024

Apartheid President F W De Klerk Cremated


The last apartheid President F W De Klerk who passed away last week, body has been cremated in a private ceremony at his Cape Town home.

Former apartheid President De Klerk died after succumbing to cancer, his death sparked debates and left the general SouthAfricans with mixed reactions, while some mourned his death, many celebrated.

The racist and unapologetic De Klerk caused chaos when he stated that apartheid was not a crime against humanity, the remarks of which he later went on to withdraw and apologise for, following his death De Klerk foundation released a video clip in which he apologised.

It is understood that De Klerk’s cremation was attended by close family members and friends in his Cape Town home, De Klerk who was not offered state funeral as expected, though Ramaphosa decided to fly flags at half mast became the President of the ruthless government in the 1980s, partaking in the killing of black people during those dark days.

South Africans on social media expressed their happiness at the fact that his body was burnt in fire like the satan he was. De Klerk is survived by his wife and two children.

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