Jul 21, 2024

Another Black Panther crew member dies


Dorothy Steel’s agent, Cindy Butler shared the news of the Black Panther actress’ death, on her Facebook page, sharing on Steel’s transpired death that took place on Friday morning at her home in the Detroit area, she was 95 years of age.

“It’s with a heavy heart I announce this morning Dorothy Steel transitioned in her hometown of Detroit. That is what she want wanted…to be home,” Butler shared. Dorothy Steel was best known for her role in Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther movie, where she appeared as a tribal leader. Her other acting credits include an episode of the TV series ‘The Trouble With Going Somewhere’, TV movie ‘Merry Christmas’, ‘Baby’ and the film ‘Daisy Winters’.

Steels got her start in acting in Hollywood when she was 88 years of age but has impressively managed to earn credits on a handful of projects in her brief career “Thank you, Ms. Dorothy, for giving me the opportunity to ride this wave with you. Thank you for all the Casting Directors who hired Ms. Dorothy. Thank you to the world for loving her from afar. I received calls from all over the world wanting to interview or do a Biopic of her life. She was very selective,” Butler wrote.

Butler’s statement concluded, “Per Ms. Dorothy via Facebook, she told me to tell everyone that arrangements and flowers where to send will be posted, she was still telling me what to do, that was my Ms. Dorothy…….WAKANDAFOREVER”

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