Jun 15, 2024

Anele Mdoda addresses “beef” with US Singer Kelly Rowland


On the latest episode of the podcast and chill with MacG, Anele Mdoda was asked about her beef with US Singer Kelly Rowland after she had claimed that the former Destiny’s child member was not “prettier” than Beyoncé which was met with heavy social media criticism.

During the podcast, host MacG asked Anele Mdoda why she hates Kelly Rowland so much to which she replied and was adamant that her claim was not because she disliked the former Destiny’s child singer but rather she was just stating her opinion that she didn’t think Rowland was prettier than Beyoncé.  “[Laughing] I don’t hate Kelly at all, I really don’t hate Kelly I just don’t think she is prettier than Beyoncé,” said Mdoda.

“Mdoda was adamant that she was just expressing her views that there can be people who are prettier than others. Mdoda went further to say that “Make-up is just curtains” meaning if you want to see someone’s real beauty you must remove the make-up. “I even went as far as saying I don’t actually like Beyonce with make-up.

I think with art make-up she’s the most beautiful thing, and that’s the thing like there are some people where make-up works wonders for them and other people where it just becomes something else and I think you are allowed to think that about people,” added Mdoda. Anele Mdoda reiterated that she stands by her right to believe that somebody is prettier than another person. The back-and-forth between the two doesn’t seem to be coming to end soon.