Jun 15, 2024

Andile Ramaphosa Alleged Debts Story


Sunday World left Mzansi masmarised with a story of Andile Ramaphosa drowning in debt. This came as a shock as many are aware about the Bosasa “Mokotla” (money bag) with his name.

However, it does not come as a shock for the country to learn that the presidents son is involved in corruption, as it was previously also alerted that Duduzane Zuma of the then President Jacob Zuma had a hand in the corruption dealings involving the Gupta Brothers.

And now history repeats itself with Ramaphosa (the son), having a hand in illegal dealings SA is known for. In 2019, Andile admitted to the media he was given R2 million, after it was revealed during the Judiciary State Capture of Inquiry. Not so long ago with the taxi industry fighting for their Covid-19 relief, Andile was handed R6 million to resolve the issue.

Even with having a billionaire of a dad, Sunday World alleges Andile is drowning in debt after the bank confronted him about the money he owes. Well Mzansi refuses to take the word for it, regarding the article as propaganda, a way to distract SA from something big that happening or about to happen. Andile Ramaphosa is believed to be hiding more about how much he got from Bosasa.

People say this is an eye opener to watch out for the President, taking note what Julius Malema during his court case said about Ramaphosa being an “imposter” and not a billionaire, saying this shows he indeed took money to fund his CR17. South Africans say they are tired of high profilers who do not get tired of taking from the poor even though they have enough of it.