ANC Staff members demand the NEC to resolve their issue or face being exposed.


At the beginning of the week, the ANC staff members took to the streets to strike over unpaid salaries. This has proven to the people of South Africa and other parties that the ANC isn’t as united as they always claim to be.

A statement was released to the public by the ANC staff members, commanding the ANC NEC to solve their issues within 21 days or face being named and shamed for all the corruption dealings that took place within the party’s meetings.  They have emphasized their disgust in the treatment they have received from the NEC and Cdes in power, after they expressed their cries. “Today we are treated with total disrespect, without any dignity by the very People.” Exclaimed on the statement

“We will expose every leader that was involved. This will include voice recordings of serious plots against other leaders and plans to take them down.” One of the threats made by the staff members on the released statement, they plan to also expose those appointed in the NEC top six that’s meant to destroy former president Jacob Zuma and suspended  Secretary General of the ANC.

They have given the NEC 21 days to resolve their salary issue and fix their UIF funds, starting from 27 August 2021 and will after 22 days, release information that will destroy the ANC if their needs are not met, information “that shows how branches were manipulated and voting during and towards the NASREC conference.”

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