May 24, 2024

ANC member Boy Mamabolo and his wife exchanges wedding vows


 With the beautiful sunny weather hovering South Africa on this Heritage Day, some sought to the day as perfect to celebrate in many ways and one of them being as to tying the knot with your number one true love.

In Seshego, wedding bells chanted as ANC member Joseph Boy Mamabolo and his wife, exchanged wedding vows at his home town in Seshego. The wedding did not receive as much publicity as September 24th , happens to have been fully booked.

While Mamabolo was saying his vows, President Cyril Ramaphosa was celebrating heritage day under the theme “The Year of Charlotte Maxeke: Celebrating South Africa’s Intangible Cultural Heritage” and Johannesburg Mayor Jolidee Matongo was laid to rest after surpassing a tragic accident that took his life upon his return from an ANC campaign in Soweto.

With all eyes on the ANC as the local municipal elections date is near, curiosity runs through as to what’s next for the ANC and the stunts, members will pull in trying to win over the votes. According to images making rounds on social media, Mamabolo’s wedding looked to be beautifully elegant and classy but intimate at the same time, with his wife in a fully beaded mermaid flare wedding gown, accompanied with a smile.

It is expected that part two of the wedding will take place tomorrow, the wedding was fully splashed with top class cars and elegant catering as expected.


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