Jun 22, 2024

An ID Gets Mzansi Giggling Uncontrollably


“Just found this near McDonald’s Jewel City. DM if you know, or are the owner.” Thats how the tweet started but certainly not how it went down. If you want to laugh your ass out loud Twitter is the place to head to.

If it’s not the name they are laughing at, its the image. Yes the were those who felt tweeps are making unnecessary jokes about disability. Out of all it was the name that killed everyone with giggles, in disbelief that anyone could ever be given such a name.

Sendelikayihlo Mkhize allegedly left his ID behind and a user is awaiting for a DM for Mkhize to claim his ID back with no luck. A few other Mkhize’s took offence while others joined in and denied ever knowing him or being related to him. A user added that Mkhize might have dispatched the ID purposely

Women came through saying this is what happens when you hate the deadbeat father and cannot find affection for the child or a place to not hate the child. The comments are hilarious but educative at the same time. Mzansi is know and loved for its humour, a country that can take a serious issue a d make create fun memories and joys from it.