May 20, 2024

Ambitious Record on Public Humiliation

Intaba Yase Dubai

“The whole Album by Intaba YaseDubai has Amagama awu 3700.” Those are the words from Ambitious Record Label, publicly humiliating one of their artist Intaba Yase Dubai whom in the past weeks expressed and spoke of exploitation from the label. Intaba Yase Dubai took to his socials to expose on how the label only offers him a monthly salary of R3700.

This post comes after they announced his new album Amagama under the record label. The kind of bullying did not sit well with many felt the label is not well within the right to spill I’ll of their artists. Twitter users are long with some celebrities, feel Intaba Yase Dubai was brave in deciding to leave. The artist announced during his back and forth with the label that he will be leaving music as he can no longer tolorate the exploitation.

However confusion struck many when a new post was brought up, the same record label throwing shade, announces the release of Intaba Yase Dubais new album called Amagama meaning words. Now this left many people questioning the whole previous scenario of him talking of exploitation from the label.


The way Ambitious had been handling the situation brings suspicion to a lot of users who say this may have been all stage of Ambitious is led by someone who has no remorse for the artists, enjoys seeing then suffer for departing with the record. It is said that the label should stay away from using social media as their posts may seem humerus to them but emotionally affect the artists negatively.