Jul 20, 2024

Ambitious Record Full of Jokes?


Ambitious Record woke tweeps to what they may perceive as a “joke” by asking who would like to sign under the record label. “We woke in a good mood. Ubani o funa sim signe?”

Intaba Yase Dubai made headlines for days after he alleged to not being fairly treated under Ambitious Record, adding to a number of artists who also cried exploitation from the record label. Shocking his fans by calling it quits, Intaba Yase Dubai says his done with music, although it’s all he loves and has passion for.

Since the issue of Intaba Yase Dubai, the record label has been posting various artists and in the recent posted a number of proof of payments from Absa allegedly to Intaba Yase Dubai. Many tweeps refuse to believe the payments are real after his nickname was used, date formats were different and so were the names, including the paid by and paid to option.

Under the humourous mood of Ambitious asking who’s interested in signing, a few young artist sent through their short clips and recommendations were also given, tweeps say all the responses show how desperate people are to get employment and willing to be exploited while doing what they love.