May 20, 2024

Amanda Du-pont shuts down rumours of a new boyfriend

Amanda duPont

South Africa’s most controversial gossip blogger @Musa Khawula tweeted two days ago a picture of Amanda Du-pont and a man, claimed to be her new boyfriend. Du-pont tweeted that this man is merely her bodyguard and that Khawula cropped a video for the purpose of spreading gossip.

The video was taken in Cape Town,and the picture that was posted showed Du-pont riding a bicycle and a scooter. The tweet from Khawula read, “Amanda Du-pont spotted in Cape Town with her new boyfriend.” This post left people question why she would have a new boyfriend if she is married.

However, Du-pont came onto the platform to address the gossip, she tweeted that “The original video. An afternoon riding bikes and scooters with my friends. The image you posted seems to be malicious cropped version to insinuate rumors. For clarity, the man in the image is my bodyguard. A polite plea to leave me out of your gossip.”

This tweet started another conversation, many people were questioning her need for a bodyguard, some went as far to talk about how she is just an actress from Skeem Saam and how she doesn’t need any VIP protection.