Apr 18, 2024

AmaBishop | A Chilling Episode


If you were wondering why slowly but surely people leave church, the AmaBishop television show on Moja Love channel 157 is a must watch. The cat is dragged out the bag, church secrets are exposed one episode at a time.

This Sunday was a reminder as to why church members are losing trust on prophets and pastors. The show has shown how criminal acts take place in churches right under the noses of the law. From just exploiting and manipulating members off their money, guns hidden in churches to pastors abusing the women and girls in the congregations. The episodes have had victims come forward with stories of rape linking to well-known pastors and prophets with many followers.

A few women came as usual but it was this week’s former pastor’s wife whose story shook Mzansi. She explained on how she almost lost her life and was never aware due to the constant manipulation. With her Christian husband using traditional herbs, the woman says it was when he told the congregation she was dead during their divorce that triggered her. She shocked Mzansi when she said when she had cysts, her ex husband used a razor and applied baboon oil on her, purchased from Marabastaad.

On twitter the episode opened a can of worms with viewers saying this is why they left church, couldn’t handle watching victims praise and worship the same people who bring harm to them. Stories of women who were raped by pastors in the church come up almost every week. Popular church names come up, churches gladly taking part in illegal and evil acts. Victims coming forward and church members having to hear it on TV that their church is not as holy as told, the Bible being turned upside down, doing the opposite of what they preach. Viewers are now calling pastors, criminals who hide behind the pulpit and collar.