Jul 21, 2024

Allegations on Gogo Maweni Grow Stronger

gogo maweni

After a screenshot of Dr Gogo Maweni was dragged to twitter, more and more people are starting to believe allegations layed on her, that she may be responsible for the mental deterioration of South African actor SK Khoza.

On Instagram under comment section, a woman complained on how she hate her baby daddy for being and absent father for the duration of 18 years. Under the comment came a response that read : “all I need is name, surname and his picture my darling…let’s see each other when I get back from gazankulu Mozambique.”

The reply from Maweni dropped jaws with many saying the comment she sent says enough when questioned if she’s capable of such. That concluded many speculation of her involvement in Khozas recent acts.

Khoza’s friends are also blamed for taking him to party’s where drugs and alcohol are made available. It’s also alleged that Khoza aka Shaka, may be experiencing depression due to his career ending, explaining why he was doing things out of the ordinary like showing off his ass publicly, assaulting his ex fiance, walking barefoot yelling out and in the boiling mood to fight. He denied ever being on drugs and claimed the recent act he was verbally assaulted and called the K racist word. But this did not help as twitter says his denial still doesn’t explain the rectbof the incidents.

Gogo Maweni has not responded to the allegations made on her name. Women are also coming out in numbers asking she assist them in dealing with baby daddy who fail to take responsibility.