Jun 22, 2024

AKA sues Daily Sun for almost R1 million

Daily Sun

After many rumors of a physical altercation between Nadia Nakai and AKA, the Daily Sun went to print with a story titled “AKA moered Nadia”. While the newspaper is easily one of the most controversial newspapers, this time rappers AKA and Nadia Nakai were not going to let them off the hook so easily.

The couple is now sueing the newspaper for R800 000 over what they described to be a false and malicious article. Rapper AKA took to social media to post a letter from their legal representative Rudolph Baloyi attorney. In the legal documentation from the couples legal team the validity and the existence of the source is questioned entirely. “The quoted ‘source’ offers nothing but hearsay allegations or a figment of their own imagination if such ‘source’ even exists”.

The publication was given until 4pm to issue a public apology and a complete retraction.The article published by the Daily Sun has since been edited . The title change and the removal of quoted source being the most noticable changes.

While completely denying the physical altercation the couple released a joint statement stating that what was supposed to be a fun and beautiful working trip where the two had separate work engagements has become a smear campaign.”Just to clear the air there was no verbal nor physical altercation between us. We are fine and there is no drama between us”, the couple stated in their joint
statement. “We are basking in our individual successes from this amazing strip”.One Twitter user described the whole ordeal as a learning curve for people who normalize posting fake news for clout.