Apr 18, 2024

Actress Rami Chuene praised after sharing an upsetting story about an acquainted Domestic worker

Rami Chuene

Giyani, Land of Blood actress Rami chuene has been praised on social media after sharing an upsetting story about a domestic worker she knows who has been unfairly and unjustly treated by her employers on her official twitter page leaving South Africans shocked on Tuesday, 30 November 2021.

In the thread, the actress revealed that the she is acquainted with the aforementioned worker through her ‘helper’ whom she is sisters with. Chuene revealed that the domestic worker was offered a salary of R3 000 and was told she should not bring anything to work but could use her employer’s accessories such as toiletries and occassionally food to take home like muffins and sweets and cake but was later informed that the stuff she consimed or used would be compensated by deductions from her salary and will be given an income and expenditure statement by the end of the month.

“Now comes month end, madam tells helper that she will give her an income and expenditure statement and guys!!!! I’m not coping with this rubbish! Has anyone ever seen this kind of witchcraft? Boloi bo bo kaaka? Please take your time I beg and go through the statement…,” tweeted Chuene.

The actress then shared an image of the income and expenditure statement the domestic worker had been given by her employers and an astonishing R2 112 was deducted from the woman’s agreed R3 000 salary. The deductions included costs for the muffins, sweets, bread, lotion, roll on, etc, the worked was given and/or used and other other charges for not bathing her employer’s child on time, a container that she reportedly took home, etc, and only received a net pay of only a thousand-rands (R1 000).

Mzansi tweeps were left stunned by the evidence and information Rami Chuene had disclosed and praised the actress for bringing the matter into public knowledge.

“You won’t believe that woman bare ke mama ka Khumo. Yazi we thank Ausi Rami for bringing this to light”, ” Rami’s thread is what usually happens. Ive heard of people who proudly say they deduct food money from their helpers salary…”, “nna mfe address fela Aus’Rami, that lady needs to catch serious hands. She’s an awful person”, read some of the tweets.