Jun 22, 2024

Accused Parliament Arsonist Mental Stability Questioned

parliament arsonists

South Africans have due to recent reports, started questioning Zandile Mafe, the accused parliament arsonist mental state.

Earlier in the day when Mafe made his first appearance at court, as a suspense was raised by the public with curiosity as to who is behind the criminal act, and to put face to the given name “parliament arsonist”. Mafe cracked up the media that were video graphing his case when he removed his mask and turned around for the whole court house to make identification of him.

That raised eyebrows and concerns from the public station the possibility of Mafe not being of sound mind or indicates the possibility of ever having a hand in committing the crime. The media made their way to his home both in the North West Mafikeng where he was born and lived and at his current in Cape Town where he was renting, in the aim to speak to close friends and families and get an inside on his life.

Due to the findings, many have concluded that Mafe should be taken in for a mental evaluation and the case be investigated with a possible unknown person who committed the crime or if it was an inside job.

Mafe’s lawyer Luvuyo had plenty to say, informing the media of his disappointment with how the court proceedings went. The case was postponed to 11 January 2021 to allow state more time to investigate, his lawyer says his client is innocent and is just being used as a scapegoat. Mafe was found in the premises in the early hours of Sunday morning with explosives on his possession.

His neighbours described him as a quiet person who did not have friends or a female company, labelling him as a loner who minded his own business and has not even once had violent altercations with anyone. Some say his mental stability is questionable after they witnessed him acting like a person without a sound mind as they saw him many times sleeping outside with a blanket or would leave his rented shack unattended and unlocked with the TV on.