Jul 21, 2024

ABC Motsepe Club Ollesdas FC, shatters Noko Mamabolo’s dreams


The 30-year-old Noko Mamabolo, born and bred in Seshego just outside Polokwane started his football career in the year 2000 when he was just 9 years-old.

Having previously played for the likes of Tebo Stars, Sedempho FC, Tebocon fc, Super Eagles FC, Varedos FC, Phenthers, Great North FC , Barach, Velly FC and Ollesdas FC as a goalkeeper Mamabolo had impressed an NFD based team on  his trials performance earlier this year.

The National First Division based team asked Noko Mamabolo to bring a clearance letter from his previous team which is Ollesdas FC that plays in the ABC Motsepe League, Mamabolo went to his former team seeking for clearance letter only to find out that the team has been sold without informing the players.

He was referred to the new club’s management for his letter, the management promised to get back to him within 7 days. Mamabolo regards his move to the NFD based team null and void since it’s been 5 months waiting for a response from the management.

Noko Mamabolo further tried to reach out to the South African Football Association (SAFA) in Limpopo but the progress seems to have reached a deadlock.

“The situation I am in is causing me depression because I’m unable to help at home financially as my mother and my other sister are not working, it means I am supposed to look for a job that I have passion for which is football, so the way that Ollesdas management is doing things is causing me depression.” said Mamabolo sadly.

Should anyone be interested in helping Noko Mamabolo get his clearance letter they can contact him on the following number: 076 276 4656

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