Apr 16, 2024

A Secret too Heavy for Nonkanyiso to Keep | Uzalo


A secret surrounding the sudden disappearance of Nomzamo the influencer. Nonkanyiso finds it difficult to keep the secret while the truth is also as hard to conceal.

Pastor Gwala will stop at nothing to get to the bottom of Nomzamo disappearing after she was last seen on video with Sbu at the distillery. A horrific accident claiming her life happend and because Nomzamo wore no protective equipment, she unfortunately died instantly hitting hard on the head with Sbu managing to escape fatalities. With Sibonelo known for covering his tracks he suggested her body be buried and not reported.

Unfortunately for Nonka having to witness the accident makes her an accomplice with no choice but to be silent while observing the guys dig up to hide the corpse and now the secret is heavily eating her conscious, increasing the guilt feeling keep her up at night. Sbu and Nonka are finding it difficult to keep it all together when Nomzamo’s name is mentioned.

The truth is getting hard to conceal and with Sibonelo sending thugs over to scare his brother off, Gwala is now more determined than ever to find the truth as his suspicions about Nomzamo killed at the distillery is getting bigger and bigger. The loved by everyone pastor vouched and promised to keep digging up until he finds evidence to link his criminal of a brother to the disappearance of the influencer.

Meanwhile Gabisile wants Nkunzi to give their fling a name and Mbatha is an assistant in attempting to steal from Nkunzi to help Babekazi pay back the insurance money collected during Gabisile’s disappearance. At least Mbatha is enjoying the taste of “Le Good Life” while it lasts, an investigator is in town to put an end to all that