Jun 18, 2024

A New Show to Top the Charts | Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters, a show said to look out for, get youngsters buzzing on twitter. Solomon from podcast and chill with MacG, was the guest to the show and got many talking.

The show is now known for bringing through celebrities that are on your lap more than usual. Recently it was revealed that Tbo Touch has been offered R420 000 to join Metro FM, now we get Solomon saying for him to go back to radio, he should be offered atleast R200 000. This got many users up on their couches to learn that radio is capable of offering such hefty net income.

The platform airing on SABC 1 channel 191 on DSTV, is giving celebrities a space where they get to be asked questions many have had up their sleeves. Sol got to empower many with the power of new technology and how strong the media space is. He made mentions on how big podcast is gonna go and already is but also coming back to say podcast will not shutdown radio, as radio still hold the ground for such media platforms.

A lot could be learnt from the interview with sol about the media space and its impact, including the millions media has to offer. When asked when will he stop being MacG’s number two and go on his own, the response was kind of confusing and not straight forward. Regardless, his interview was enjoyed and educative.

Zodwa Wabantu got to also get a chance on the Heavy Hitters couch but the main interview that got mzansi talking, was that of Solomon. People are looking forward to the next episode next week Saturday evening. Meanwhile Thuli Phongolo is hitting it up on Big Brother Mzansi Saturday night party as the DJ, many were looking forward to the set.