Jul 21, 2024

A Never Ending Quibble | Cassper Nyovest vs AKA


Again taking their beef to twitter and this time with a ring involved. Clearly every heated argument Cassper finds himself in, will end up in a boxing match. And now will Cassper Nyovest’s father attempt to stop the fight again?.

If you are a user of the twitter social site, you are bound to come across the hate tweets between the two artists. The beef has fans biggering in-between with each other, even in matters that do not involve them.

Cassper Nyovest and AKA have been on this hate train for years and a stop station is no where near or does not exist at all. The two have shared dissing words to and from all day long with AKA ending with a good luck on your next fight retweet.

Will we ever see the end of this quibble? From the sight of the tweets and how this happens every year, says no. The ongoing battle had a third person intervene. After Cassper challenged AKA to a boxing match after the one between her and NaakMusic is over, his dad told him to let this one go.

Cassper has been for years challenges AKA to a fight, and says the rapper has had countless excuses and with the passing of Nelly he had to call it off. The beef was awaken by AKA winning the case of the BraaiShow and fans saying Cassper should apologise for saying he’s part of the production team and not working for a “small boy” like AKA. At this point all we can is sit back relax and watch and we will yet again see such tweets which now seems like just yet another media stunt.