May 27, 2024


28-year-old nurse, Mamello Bale from Soweto, specializing in midwifery, has started an organisation called “Sufficient grace foundation”. Mamello believes that her foundation is going to change people’s lives. The foundation is mainly about helping the less fortunate and giving back to the community.

“I know how it feels like to be in need of something but you cannot have it because your parents cannot afford, so when I started this foundation I just thought it would be the kindest thing to do it.” The foundation has by far helped young girls with sanitary pads, new moms with baby food and formula, and learners with school shoes.

She believes that she has positively influenced lives of different people who she has interacted with throughout her social life and as a young nurse, by changing their coarse of actions, beliefs, attitudes and opinions. Mamello has always and tries to be exceptional and outstanding.

“I always knew that I wanted to help people, offering help is the kindest gesture to me, I also chose nursing because I want to help and I believe that I was called to be a nurse. This foundation makes me sleep peaceful at night knowing that a young girl out there has sanitary pads, a young boy has school shoes and that new mom who doesn’t have much money feeds her baby,” she said.

Mamello got the idea from high school because they used to give them sanitary pads. She always tells young people to find what they love and do it because life is short and we only have one chance to live.

Sufficient grace foundation is currently planning on collecting used clothes that are in good condition to donate them to orphanages and shelters.