Apr 16, 2024

A Man Kills Himself And Child Due To Girlfriend Cheating


Video of a man who killed the himself and the child is making rounds on social media after apparently the girlfriend by the name of Nondumiso cheated, the pain was too much to bear for the man so much that he took his own life folllowing the cheating incident.

Social media has been abuzz with the story, tweeps wighinh on the incidents, according to social media the girlfriend behaviour towards the boyfriend started changing as soon as she got an employment opportunity and the man lost his job during the hard times of covid19, the man can be seen on the video crying as he explains the situation.

According to the video short by the deceased, both himself and the child drank poison as it was not quick enough to take their lives, he hanged his own child and went on to commit suicide as well. Tweeps having been commenting stating their thoughts that men kill themself when cheated where as its good when women are the one experiencing the cheating.

Many are blaming mental issues as the main problem men are facing and wish for men to get psycological help to address what they are going through in their everyday lives.