Jun 18, 2024

A girl must not miss school because of periods | Rahuma Seleka


Sanitary towels are still considered a must have for school girls who cannot afford to buy a pack and be able to pack an extra one in the bag in case of emergencies. Now that’s where Rahuma Seleka comes in.

For years many people have been fighting to stop the cycle of girls in rural areas who miss school because of periods with some even dropping out of school due to lack of access to affordable sanitary towels (pads). Seleka has been for 6 years, worked on a drive donating sanitary towels to schools from his village.

Seleka has set the date for 18 December 2021, to drive a charitable run whereby he will be accompanied by guest cyclist from 05:30am at Modimolle, expected to arrive in Katjibane at around 10:00 am at Blue Bird Ground with the aim of cycling and running for 44km long, to collect pads and donate to all schools in Katjibane and surrounding areas.

The dedicated Seleka urges support from the community requesting for people to purchase an extra pack of sanitary towels when going to the store this week or any day before the 18th. Not only will they be offering and accepting pads but also old school uniform and if possible, Seleka also requests that the community help with new school shoes. He further mentioned that Former grade 12 leaners to bring forth their washed used uniforms.

All these will be donated next year when schools reopen. The bicycle race is to raise funds to add on what would have been donated. Seleka asks for councillors, social workers, nearby supermarkets and many more, to also offer a hand in assisting with the drive.

He also urges men to not be ashamed but to go in stores and buy a few packets for the girls who need them at schools and welcomes any brand. “These are our children, please help our girls not miss school, a girl must not miss school because of periods.” requests Seleka

Guest participating in the charity run will come from Gauteng and Limpopo to cycle and run along with him in raising funds and awareness. The little collected will be shared accordingly with all the schools and the meet up point will be at the Blue Bird Ground at 10:00am. Seleka has been doing it for 6 years as the aim to help poor girls in rural areas where he was born and bred, and now he is asking the community to come together and help him save the girls and underprivileged pupils of his community.

To make a donation call him on 073 148 9470