Jun 18, 2024

A Disappointing Set to Remember | BBM Fans not Thrilled with Thuli P

Thuli P

She may have redeemed herself in the last few minutes but how she started messed it all up for Big Brother Mzansi fans. Since midnight, viewers threw their opinions on Thuli P’ set on the BBM Saturday night party.

Twitter users will not humble themselves when they see mistakes. Social media got hitting on Thuli P set on how she played, they described it as wack from the get go. Too bad Maphorisa the alleged boyfriend, got dragged into the situation due to an earlier post he tweeted captioning the words “Askies Neh” 30 minutes before the set. This is taken as though he knew all will go south.

You know the Umlando challenge? viewers were pulled at how she played the song from start to finish. Not only the Umlando, fans who were looking forward to her playing say they feel utter disappointment with her playing. It is said she literally played 5 songs as though they were watching Channel O Top 5.

While others were going on and on about how beautiful she is that even Nale admitted to having a crush on her as though she was star struck, majority say she should still to acting. They say this shows how fame can open doors even if you’re bad in that field but if you have followers you do it anyway. Groovers said they leave everytime she gets on deck and it’s for similar reasons.

Mzansi is not known for holding back their thoughts when one thing is against their vibe. They did not waste time but tweet on how horrible the set was and did not hold the right calibre to call it DJing but rather playing music. Unknown DJs also said she needed training and to go back to learning the basics. One user say she saw her turning the pins but heard no effect, while more users say housemates did not sweat, showing how weak the set was. They are calling on Big Brother to not disappoint next time and bring a DJ who will get them to enjoy the party as viewers. Lastly a user dropped a bomb saying “I can’t believed I cancelled going out tonight to watch this crap.” Users are still criticising the set till now.