Jul 20, 2024


Dome Entertainment

The TicketPro *Dome owned by Sasol Pension Fund, opened its gate years back on the 8th of April 1989, with a big bang where most of the local celebrities graced the stage with their performances and made the event a wow factor mesmerizing the crowd and one of them being the late first black President of South Africa, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

The Dome can accommodate 20, 000 people in seating and about 11, 000 crowd standing but then it was first established that it was supposed to have been a permanent motor showroom, however that didn’t happen for years but WeBuyCars wants to turn that lost dream, into a reality. Those joyful days has been turned into memories as the owner has sold the business and the sad part of it all is that, third party who bought the business doesn’t operate into event space.

A company, WeBuyCars will be turning the Dome into one of the impressive second-hand car dealership, storing 1 500 vehicles but “the opening of the branch is still underway,” Said WeBuyCars. Selling the Dome is not only going to be a loss for the entertainment industry only but also the economy of South Africa.

Many of our entertainment artist and small business events, used the place as their home, a place where they turned their dreams into a reality, the likes of Mama Magic Baby Show, Rage, Homemakers Fair, Feast Food Festival, etc.

After the 7th September 2021, the Dome will be a new home for the cars and for most artists whom have set their mark there, will be left with memories only. Artist like Pharrell Williams who performed 6 years ago, Mr. fill up the Dome 2017 Casper Nyovest, Lira, Black Coffee, Toya Delazy and many other local and abroad performers.

The selling of TicketPro Dome is extremely disappointing and heart breaking to the industry as this change will leave a huge void.” Carol Wealling MD of RX Africa.


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