7 Undocumented Foreign Nationals Arrested in Diepsloot


It has been reported that seven undocumented immigrants have been arrested and held at the Diepsloot police station, awaiting for the Minister of Home Affairs Aaron Motsoaledi for deportation.

On Wednesday 06 April, the township of Diepsloot went into a shut down, in attempt to get answers from the police as to why have there been no arrest on the allegations of suspicion that the killings of seven community members, were committed by foreigners. Post a protest outside the station, Beki Cele accompanied by his newly appointed police commissioner. Cele spoke to the crowd but was dismissed and told they are tired of hearing same promises every year with no action. Minister Cele said Amaberetwe will be deployed on Diepsloot.

Later in the day stun granades with rubber bullets were thrown at protestors, arrests were made which people took to social media to say people returning from work were arrested as they has no choice but to run away from police shootings. Again later in the evening, police confirmed to the media 7 arrests were made, of illegal immigrants.

Residents of Diepsloot are not as amazed by the news saying 7 is not enough as the area is filled with foreign nationals who seem to overcount SA nationals situated in the area. Beki Cele promised residents he will return on Friday with Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi, to varify papers and possibly start with deportation.

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