Jun 22, 2024

551 Schools Affected By KZN Flooding


With the province of KwaZulu Natal having to tackle the number of death toll rising to over 400 and having to try and rebuild where able, the setback on its education hit hard after 551 school were badly affected by the KZN weather debacle.

The province has been struck with an unfortunate event. Donations of mover over R60 Million has been donated to assist those affected. The sight is unbearable to watch and not get emotionally vested. Studies have shown that the entire country has been affected as well, it was said that anxiety has worsened in residents of SA due to the flooding, escalating the one already cause by the pressure of Covid-19.

Families and the rescue team are still in the hunt for missing family members. A group of sisters are also on the search for their elder brother washed off with the flood.

They say they are willing to continue searching throughout the rain. One member of the rescue team lost their live as the mud is still wet and slippery, making it difficult to rescue bodies buried under the mud. A spokesman for the rescue team said they are emotionally strained with what they come across, most especially when they come across bodies of toddlers.