May 28, 2024

21 Year sentence for Derek Chauvin over George Floyd’s death


Derek Chauvin, former Minneapolis police officer known for being responsible for the death of George Floyd, has been handed a 21 year prison sentence. Floyd whose life ended in the hands of a police officer, from having his knee on Floyds neck for over 9 minutes on 25 May 2020.

Chauvin has been in custody, In December he pleaded guilty to violating Floyds civil rights and was jailed for murder and manslaughter. Based on reports, Chauvin will be serving his sentence at a federal prison, attorney Eric Nelson wanted 20 years while prosecutors wanted 20 – 25 years imprisonment. A Black Life Matters campaign grew from the incident with many calling for an immediate arrest, calling the matter a racist act.

Floyd on the clip provided as evidence, could be heard calling out for air, saying he cant breath. His brother says he wished to see Chauvin get more years but is happy there’s light in the case and a conviction ruled.