May 28, 2024

11-Year-Old MacCathy taking farming to greater heights

At only 11 yeas old, Fred Junior MacCathy is dreaming of giving farmers a run for their money, not forgetting bringing about change and giving back to the needy.

MacCathy is a farmer from Brits North West, with dreams to take his farming business to greater heights. The boy dreams and lives farming, just like a business man, MacCathy wishes to soon enough start producing and collaborate with big supermarkets such as PicknPay, Shoprite, Checkers, to name a few.

According to MacCathy during his interview with a well known media house, he mentioned on how the land was a birthday gift and to date he has turned the land into something beyond just crops. Putting the field to good use,  the young farmer produces spinach, cabbage and eggs, supplying for his community where he sells his produce.

Unhappy with how poverty is slowly taking over, MacCathy wants to contribute in offering families something to eat and get by. As young as he is, the farmer already has employees assisting with the farm and proudly so, he is also hands on at the farm and is not one to shy away when dirt calls. Farmers are interested in meeting Fred Junior MacCathy.

It’s said MacCathy was recently invited to NAMPO, recognised as the biggest agricultural show in the southern hemisphere, and has gained the support of various agricultural organisations including the government. With the dreams he has for his farm, it is clear this was not the first and the last time the public hears of the youngest farmer.